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Electrostatic oil cleaners
New purifiers
+best performing
+easy to use (touch screen)
Unique technology
It is not a filter. It cleans the oil by means of electrostatic forces only.
It removes from the oil any kind of contaminants regardless its size (even smaller than 1 micron) and its source.
It is the only technology able to remove also and completely the oil oxidation products, the so called varnish.
Maintenance costs reduction
For spare parts and man power
Smooth, reliable valve operation
Max repeatability of machine operations
Friction and wear reduction
Resulting in reduced leakages and reduced energy consumption
Longer oil life
Ensures a significant increase in oil life. Oil is no longer viewed as a consumable, but rather as a valuable technological fluid and a durable good to be maintained in the best possible condition over time.
Safer, cleaner, more reliable systems
Quick and guaranteed return of investment
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